Thermocare Intensive Care Unit with Dome Cover
Braintree Scientific

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Thermocare® Intensive Care Units - The patented Thermocare water-jacketed warmer base is made of heavy gauge fire retardant plastic. The UL and CSA approved heater maintains the temperature of the water accurately through resistance heating controlled thermostatically with a direct water-contact sensor. Creates a natural thermal convection current within the walls of the unit and the heat is radiated to ensure a constant, sustainable temperature within a safe therapeutic range of 75°-100°F wherever the patient lies. This combination of radiant heat and convection currents preclude the use of a pump, fan, or motor which may spark and ignite with the use of oxygen. Uniform temperature is achieved without "hot spots" and "safe heat" is assured because the animal is surrounded by comforting warmth, just like a "hot water bottle", making Thermocare Warmers a critical part of recovery for reptiles, rodents and animals. Vents on the top of the heated or unheated covered units allow warm air to rise and escape with any carbon dioxide build up. It is the combination of therapeutic heat with respiratory therapy that creates a stand-alone ICU (Intensive Care Unit). For example, with the addition of a cover (domed or flat - which allows respiratory therapy) the Thermocare Warmer becomes an ICU. To meet your specific needs, ThermoCare® offers a wide selection of intensive care units. Intensive Care Unit with Dome Cover allow a full latitude of respiratory therapeutic procedures, including administering oxygen, humidity and nebulization in combination with heat. Units accommodate animals up to 20 pounds (small size) or up to 80 pounds (medium/large sizes). The optional perch facilitates treatment for birds. Dome covered units include: Water conditioner, Water level gauge, Spin/venting handport covers, Humidiguide (temperature/humidity gauges) - Accessories include 2 nebulizers, humidifier, O2 tubing, hose fittings and hose connectors. Recently Viewed Items

Overview of models:

DW 1 US Small w/accessories 26" x 17" x 15"
DW 2 US Medium w/accessories 33" x 27" x 25"
DW 3 US Large w/accessories 42" x 27" x 25"