Hallowell Rodent Workstand
Braintree Scientific

bs rw-a3467-1

The Rodent WorkStand has been developed in collaboration with George A. Vogler, D.V.M., DACLAM of Saint Louis University Medical School Department of Comparative Medicine for the express purpose of facilitating various procedures required of today's laboratory technicians. The Rodent WorkStand is designed to support rats, mice and similar small rodents in a stable and comfortable position for the technician during endotracheal intubation and intratracheal dose instillation and other similar procedures. 12" wide x 14" deep x 5 3/8" high when flat, tilted it is 9 1/2" high. (Flat-30.48cm x 35.56cm x 13.65cm, Tilted- 24.13 cm high) . Available in basic and as a water heated surgical bed. Heated version may require HHP adapters.

Overview of models:

RW-A34 67 Basic