M-3333 Mechanical Manipulator


Ultra-thin manipulator body enables multiple recording.

To enable recording from multiple microelectrodes, the body of this model is made as thin as possible, with all the handles positioned in a single direction. Use of the X-4 Rotating X-Blocks (sold separately), makes it possible to place many microelectrodes close together without taking up too much space. It is of course possible to mount a one-axis fine movement unit on the X-axis for a more careful approach to the specimen.

  • Specifications
Accessories included H-1 Electrode Holder
Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse X40mm, Y12mm, Z30mm
Fine X7mm
Full rotation of knob: 250µm
Minimum graduation: 10µm
Dimensions/Weight W126 × D43 × H145mm, 340g