SM-15 Stereotaxic Micromanipulator


Compact, versatile and popular micromanipulator.

This is the most popular micromanipulator for stereotaxic instruments, and is attached to AP bar of the instrument when in use. Coarse movement units with a long working range is attached to both the X-axis and the Z-axis; the latter also has fine movement units attached. The fine movement handle is positioned for ease of use, and jitters from handle operations are not transmitted to the microelectrode tips. Vertical and horizontal rotation mechanisms are both equipped, enabling approaches from any required tilting angle. Easy-to-use scales are provided wherever necessary, for operations following a brain chart. This manipulator has a compact yet rigid design, and can be operated with excellent stability in confined spaces.

*Dedicated attachment SM-15A is required when attaching MO-10/8/81. SM-15A sold separately.

Note: Select SM-15R / SM-15L for right-handed / left-handed operation respectively.

Accessory included Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse X60, Z50mm
Fine Z8mm, Full rotation of knob: 500 µm,
Minimum graduation: 10 µm
Dimensions/Weight W120 x D75 x H180mm, 1.25kg