AIMS Quiet Tattoo Machine System
Braintree Scientific

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Convenient comprehensive kits for the humane tattoo identification of neonate or adult mice and rats. Each kit is provided with a comprehensive training guide and instruction DVD and all the tools needed to safely and efficiently tattoo rodents. AIMS tattooing techniques are performed on unanesthetized animals and produce easy-to-read permanent ID's. AIMS tattoo pigments and supplies have been used in the industry for over 25 years and have been demonstrated to be safe and non-toxic. Tattoo identification is cost effective with an average disposable cost of about 2¢ per neonate and 5¢ per adult rodent. Same Specifications and Supplies as the original systems this Quiet Tattoo Machine version Reduces noise level which leads to a calmer animal, 54% lighter, better balance, less hand fatigue.

Overview of models:

QUIET ATS3 General Rodent Tattoo System
QUIET ATS3L Large Lab Animal Tattoo System
QUIET NEO9 Neonate Rodent Tattoo System