Reuseable Feeding Needle -doz.
Braintree Scientific

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Re-usable Animal Feeding Needles are designed to meet the needs of pharmacologists, toxicologists, pathologists and other biomedical researchers working with laboratory animals. Precision assembly of stainless steel balls and tubing insures a quality needle suited for feeding and dosing without injury to sensitive tissues.

Overview of models:

N- 001 24G-1" Straight 1.25mm ball (doz)
N- 002 22G-1 Straight 1.25mm ball (doz)
N- 003 20G-3 Straight 2.25mm ball (doz)
N- 004 18G-3 Straight 2.25mm ball (doz)
N- 005 20G-3 Curved 2.25mm ball (doz)
N- 006 18G-3 Curved 2.25mm ball (doz)
N- 007 16G-3 Curved 3.00mm ball (doz)
N- 008 18g-1 straight 2.25mm (doz)
N- 009 16G 4 curved, 3mm ball dia. (doz)
N- 010 20g 1.5 curved 2.25mm ball (doz)
N- 020 22g 1.5 straight 1.25mm ball (doz)