Anodized Aluminum Matrice
Braintree Scientific

bs bs-al

Anodized Aluminum Brain Slicer - Ideal for frozen tissues. Take advantage of the superlative heat transfer characteristics of aluminum to better preserve tissue structure during freezing. Place fresh tissue in slicer, freeze, and slice. Also suitable for non-cryogenic applications. Order S for a sagittal style, and C for a coronal style.

Overview of models:

BS-AL 5000C Mouse 1mm Coronal
BS-AL 5000S Mouse 1mm Sagittal
BS-AL 505C Mouse 0.5 mm Coronal
BS-AL 505S Mouse 0.5 mm Sagittal
BS-AL 6000C Rat 1mm Coronal
BS-AL 6000S Rat 1mm Sagittal
BS-AL 605C Rat 0.5 mm Coronal
BS-AL 605S Rat 0.5 mm Sagittal