Monofilament Spool Sutures
Braintree Scientific

bs suture-mono

Nylon Monofilament, Non-absorbable Suture. Deknatel's® reliable nylon suture is known for its uniform diameter, flexibility, and outstanding knot security. Material: Nylon type 6,6. Coating: None. Characteristics: Nylon exhibits uniform diameter of suture, minimal memory, and outstanding and consistent knot security. Please note: Nylon suture should not be used where permanent retention of tensile strength is required. Indications: Nylon suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in cardiovascular, neurological, and ophthalmic procedures. Sizes: USP 2 through 8-0. Construction: Monofilament. Colors: Black (colorant: logwood extract) Green (colorant: D&C green #5) Clear (colorant: none). Configuration: Non-sterile spool.

Overview of models:

SUT-M 103 7-0 100 yds
SUT-M 104 6-0 100 yds
SUT-M 106 5-0 100 yds
SUT-M 108 4-0 100 yds
SUT-M 110 3-0 100 yds