9mm Autoclip
Braintree Scientific

bs acs-2

Autoclip® Wound Closing System - The Autoclip® Applier works like a staple gun to rapidly apply Autoclip closures. The applier will hold 20 Autoclips, which are held firm and ready for use by rustless beryllium-copper springs. Autoclips provide maximum holding force with minimal trauma. There is no need for assistance to operate the applier or remover. When the wound is healed, clips are easily removed with the Autoclip Remover. Stainless steel Autoclips are non-pyrogenic and supplied non-sterile, but may be autoclaved. Ideal for use with laboratory mice and rats.

Overview of models:

ACS APL Applier
ACS BX 100/pk non-sterile
ACS CS 1000/case - non-sterile
ACS KIT Kit, Applier/Remover/1,000 Staples
ACS RMV Remover