9mm EZ Clip
Braintree Scientific

bs ez-clip

The EZ Clip™ Ideal for use with lab animals or in veterinary surgery. Racks of 9mm clips are individually packaged in heat sealed, peel-away sleeves for cleanliness, ease of handling and storage. EZ Clips™ are packaged 20 clips on a rack, with 5 racks per strip (100 clips total). They can be purchased by the strip, 2 strips (200 clips) or by the case (1000 clips). Clips are pyrogen free and non-sterile. However, the autoclavable plastic packaging allows for sterilization of the clips without removing them from the packaging. The EZ Clip Applier is a stainless steel applying forcep that holds one rack of 20 clips. Works like a staple gun to apply clips to wound. The clips are fed by rustless beryllium-copper springs. The EZ Clip Remover™ is also stainless steel and can be used to remove all sizes of wound clips.

Overview of models:

EZC APL Applier
EZC CS 1000/case - non-sterile
EZC KIT Kit, Applier/Remover/1,000 Staples
EZC RMV Remover
EZC SL 100/Pack non-sterile