BSP Single Speed Syringe Pump
Braintree Scientific

bs bsp-x

Single-Speed BSP

The Model BSP Single Speed syringe pump is specifically designed to infuse fluids at an exact and reproducible flow rate from either glass or plastic syringes. Model BSP syringe pumps are equipped with:

  • Flow chart
  • Automatic shutoff switch (disconnects power at end of syringe)
  • Indicator On Light
  • A Calibration Index is provided for infusion rates with different size syringes.

Overview of models:

BSP -1 .01ml/min
BSP -2 .012ml/min
BSP -3 1.21ml/min
BSP -4 .04 ml/min
BSP -5 6.0ml/min
BSP -6 36.2ml/min