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The BP-2000 Blood Pressure Analysis System™ is the world's leading non-invasive blood pressure analyzer for mice and rats. Available for both mice and rats, its proven technology is now depended on in hundreds of laboratories around the world. In fact, more than 500 research papers have been published using the BP-2000. No other instruments comes even close to this record!

The BP-2000 Mouse System consists of a Mouse Platform, the Control Unit, and the computer. The BP-2000 Rat System consists of a Rat Platform, the Control Unit, and the computer.

A wide variety of models are available to fit every research need and budget. Specifically, models are available for one, two, four and six mice; and for one, two and four rats. Combined Mouse and Rat Systems are also available, in a variety of configurations.

The BP-2000 is designed to be expandable, so you can easily upgrade to additional channels (maximum of six for mice, four for rats), or add ability to measure both rats and mice, by upgrading or adding a new Specimen Platform - at a fraction of the cost of a whole system.

Overview of models:

AFT 100 Filling tube for 100 ul pumps
AFT 200 Filling tube for 200 ul pumps
AFT 2ML Filling tube for 2ML pumps