Deltaphase Isothermal Pads for ASS7T 6" x 7.5"
Braintree Scientific

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Deltaphase® Isothermal Replacement Pad for the ASS7D Thermo Controlled Surgery Board 6" x 7.5" . Based on fundamental thermodynamics, completely safe even with flammable gases. Uses no electricity, wires, or control box. Reusable. Normal biochemical functions are based on the temperature of 37°C. In conscious animals, core temperature is maintained. During anesthesia, body temperature falls. Normal chemistry is disturbed, surgical tolerance is reduced, and recovery is slow. Studies of mammalian cell biology are conducted at 37°C. in expensive incubators in order to maintain normal function. However, the manipulation of cultures in a clean hood or on the bench top almost always leads to significant cooling. At the least, this results in the displacement of growth curves. At worst it can lead to significant cell mortality. To maintain temperature during experimental procedures, many methods are used. Coverings help, but are impractical during most procedures and cannot replace heat already lost. Electrical heaters must be carefully monitored to prevent overheating or oscillation. Electrical devices often interfere with recording equipment. They are a shock hazard in the presence of urine, blood, or culture media, and the spark of a thermostat might ignite a flammable anesthetic or solvent. The Deltaphase Isothermal Pad is a unique approach to temperature stabilization. It is a source of heat which cannot overheat once it has reached it's phase change. It is economical in that it needs no tubes, wires or electricity. It is also safer than other devices because it needs no thermostat or controller and does not generate electrical signals. But it can maintain a small animal or a culture bottle at near normal and constant temperature for several hours. The concept of the Deltaphase Isothermal Pad is derived from the basic thermodynamic principle that a phase change occurs at constant temperature. A unique chemical solution, contained within a durable pouch, is in solid form at room temperature. When heated, the solution becomes fluid and the pad is ready to use. When an animal or container is placed in contact with an activated pad, heat is transferred and the solution slowly undergoes a phase change. During this change, over 30 calories are available per gram of solution and the temperature remains constant. The pad remains isothermal until all of the liquid phase has solidified. Experimental studies have shown that the pad temperature of 39°C is ideal for maintaining animal or cultures at 37°C. If desired, one or more pads may be placed within a foam box to create a bench top or portable incubator.