RenaPulse High Fidelity Pressure Tubing
Braintree Scientific

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RenaPulse™ High Fidelity Pressure Tubing - Measure blood pressure and waveforms more accurately, while keeping superb biocompatibility. RenaPulse™ tubing, exclusively from Braintree Scientific, is made from a new material which transmits pulse waveforms with high fidelity. During pressure pulses, fluid flows into the catheter and depresses the diaphragm of a pressure transducer. However, the same pressure wave that reaches the transducer also causes the pressure catheter to bulge slightly. This bulging may allow a significant volume of fluid to flow in and out of the catheter with each pulse. Given the resistance of the catheter, this small flow can lead to pressure drop along the catheter and inaccurate pressure readings from the transducer. RenaPulse™ is a stiffer tubing which allows high fidelity measurement of systolic and diastolic pressures. Because air bubbles in pressure catheters are very 'soft,' they can completely distort the pulse wave. We make RenaPulse™ tubing transparent to help user locate and remove such bubbles. Small clots can block pressure catheters, and prevent pulse waves from reaching the transducer. Since RenaPulse™ has the superb blood compatibility of Micro-Renathane®, the chance of clot formation is greatly reduced. These features make RenaPulse™ the tubing of choice for high fidelity pressure measurements in small animals. RenaPulse™ is flexible enough for direct vessel insertion. It can be bonded to luer lock terminations and stopcocks. RenaPulse™ can also be used with standard compression adapters or needle stubs. Supplied non-sterile.

Overview of models:

RPT-KIT 033 .033" x .014", (12) 3 ft. lengths
RPT-KIT 037 .037" x .023", (12) 3 ft. lengths
RPT-KIT 040 .040" x .025", (12) 3 ft. lengths
RPT-KIT 080 .080" x .040", (12) 3 ft. lengths