Tail Vein Catheters
Braintree Scientific

bs mtv-1

The tail vein access system consists of a very small catheter and stylet that easily inserts into the tail vein of a restrained rodent. The size allows for quick, mistake free access to the tail vein and once inserted, the flexibility keeps vessel trauma to a minimum. Unlike sharp, stiff needles this catheter moves freely up the vein to ensure your dose goes into the bloodstream, not into the surrounding tissue or back out through the insertion site. It bends naturally with the tail, reducing injury and allowing for continuous infusion or repeated bolus dosing with less chance of 'losing' the tail. We can easily modify these catheters for MRI, PET and CT applications. Easy to insert, reduce the risk of tail injury, insure intravenous not subcutaneous dosing, increase the number of successful tail vein infusions.

Overview of models:

MTV 1 1F, 28cm, 23ga needle w/stylet
MTV 11 32ga, 28cm, 25ga needle
MTV 1A 1F, 28cm, 23ga needle, no stylet
MTV 2 for MRI Applications, 61cm, 23ga needle
MTV 2S 61cm, 23ga needle w/stylet
MTV 3 for MRI Applications w/o Stylett, 90cm
MTV 5 162cm, 23g needle