Double Lumen Catheters
Braintree Scientific

bs dlr-4

Now a single vessel puncture or cutdown can provide two access points! These catheters allow user to infuse incompatible drugs simultaneously, or maintain an IV drip while injecting test agents. Draw blood samples from one lumen while infusing down-stream without interference, interruption or dilution of the sample. When user can only get into one vessel, Braintree's double lumen polyurethane catheters may save the experiment. Includes luer lock hubs. Catheters are 6" (15cm) long and have tie-down tabs. One lumen opens at the tapered tip. The second lumen opens about 0.5" (1cm) behind the tip. Supplied non-sterile.

Overview of models:

DLR 4 4 french .050 (1.25mm) - kit of 3
DLR 6 6 french .080 (2.0mm) - kit of 3