Safety Blood Collection / Infusion Sets
Braintree Scientific

bs vack8

VAKU-8+ Safety Blood Collection Set/Infusion Set with Quiet Needle™ motionless needle system and patented Safety Guard for user's protection. Its unique, patented design allows the needle to rest motionless when the back end is moved; unlike other brands packaged in "coils" where the needle moves with the slightest movement of the back end. VAKU-8+ is packaged in convenient long thin packages that fit easily in lab coats and trays.

Overview of models:

VACU8 21G 21G, 8L Tubing (Sterile) (100/PK)
VACU8 23G 23G, 8L Tubing (Sterile) (100/PK)
VACU8 25G 25G, 8L Tubing (Sterile) (100/PK)