Stereotaxic Brain Lesioning Catheter
Braintree Scientific

bs rm-sbl

Stereotaxic Brain Lesioning Cannula - These stainless steel cannulae are designed to fit in slotted acrylic stereotaxic clamping devices and are ideal for administering chemical solutions to discrete areas of the rat and mouse brain. Cannula consists of a 60mm length of 30ga stainless steel hypodermic tubing with a 45mm overlapping sleeve of 23ga stainless steel tubing to facilitate secure placement by the stereotaxic clamping device. Tip of the cannula consists of exposed 30-gauge stainless steel hypodermic tubing, 10mm long. Cannula comes with an 18" length of Tygon tubing with an end designed to fit over a micro syringe needle tip.

Overview of models:

RM-SBL STD Cannula