Slice Mini Chamber
Luigs & Neumann


Bath Chamber for Tissue Slices

The slice mini bath chamber represents the culmination of years of experience in the design of bath chamber systems. Two different versions are available, one with and one without temperature control (a temperature conroller has to be ordererd additionally to the temperature controlled bath chamber). The temperature-controlled mini bath chamber features the first appliance for the tempering of the ringer medium. Several different insulant materials have been used in order to improve the temperature performance of the chamber. The emitting properties has been enhanced, allowing the use of smaller peltier moduls, thereby further improving the efficiency of the temperature control. Additionally the revised design improved the stability of the chamber.
The design of the slice mini chamber allows the control of the temperature of the ringer medium. This can be achieved by simply inlaying the tube into the designated bracket. Depending on the preset temperature this functionn can significantly improve the accuracy of the heating system.


  • Choice between block or bath control
  • Rotation of the insert up to 100°

Temperature range 10°C to 42°C
Accuracy without perfusion +/- 0.1°C
Accuracy with perfusion varies depending on the temperature of the ringer medium and the workflow speed
  • Magnets for the attachment of reference electrode, capillaries or perfusion systems
  • Bath sensor for measure the temperature of the bath, incl. 1 piece magnet bracket type 2
  • Reference-Electrode, incl. silver chloride wire
  • Temp. control upgrade kit for slice mini II and PTC mini bath chamber IV
  • Angle guide-rail for not temp. controlled chambers (for mounting on the LN Mini25/23 Manipulator/Unit)
  • Guide-rail for not temp. controlled chambers (for mounting on the LN Mini23 Manipulator/Unit)
  • Bath chamber fixture for not temp. controlled chambers (for mounting on the Bridge 500)
  • LN inserts for the slice mini and universal bath chamber with groove for PE-Perfusion tubing; black teflon coated, with different drillings (types A to E)
  • PE-Perfusion tubing, useable for pre-heating of the ringer medium at the LN insert type D and E