Mini PTC Chamber
Luigs & Neumann


Bath Chamber for Nunc Dishes

The Mini PCT chamber is temperature-controllable from 5 °C to 42 °C and is suited for the use of Nunc dishes with a depth of 11 mm. Because the special characteristics of the Nunc dishes have been taken into consideration, a high level of accuracy in temperature control has been enabled (a temperature controller has to be ordered additionally for the temperature controlled bath chamber). Including magnetic clamp and reference electrode.


  • Choice between block or bath control
  • Rotation of the insert up to 70°

Temperature range 10 °C to 42 °C
Accuracy without perfusion +/- 0.1 °C
Accuracy with perfusion varies depending on the temperature of the ringer medium and the workflow speed
  • Magnets for the attachment of reference electrode, capillaries or perfusion systems
  • Bath sensor for measure the temperature of the bath, incl. 1 piece magnet bracket type 2
  • Reference-Electrode, incl. silver chloride wire
  • Temp. control upgrade kit for slice mini II and PTC mini bath chamber IV
  • Angle guide-rail for not temp. controlled chambers (for mounting on the LN Mini25/23 Manipulator/Unit)
  • Guide-rail for not temp. controlled chambers (for mounting on the LN Mini23 Manipulator/Unit)
  • Bath chamber fixture for not temp. controlled chambers (for mounting on the Bridge 500)
  • LN inserts for the slice mini and universal bath chamber with groove for PE-Perfusion tubing; black teflon coated, with different drillings (types A to E)
  • PE-Perfusion tubing, useable for pre-heating of the ringer medium at the LN insert type D and E