Model 3500 16-Channel Differential AC Amplifier
A-M Systems


In response to many inquiries for a larger version of the popular Model 1700 4-Channel Differential AC Amplifier, A-M Systems developed this unit. The Model 3500 has 16 independent channels, a front panel touch screen, computer control capabilities and a built-in calibrator. In addition, users can quickly monitor on an external oscilloscope the activity on any two channels.

Multiple instruments will be controllable by a single computer program, enabling the setting of critical parameters on as many channels as you need.

Compared to the Model 1700, the Model 3500 has:

  • More gain settings and increased gain range
  • More high pass filter settings and increased high pass range
  • More low pass filter settings and increased low pass range
  • TTL Control of instrument mode
  • Twin stimulation busses to pass current
  • Channel Monitors
  • Built-In Calibration signal
  • Common Reference Bus
  • Blanking
  • PC control capability