DAM 80 Differential AC Amplifier



WPI’s DAM series amplifier’s are well known as a standard of the industry for extracellular potential amplification. These battery powered bio-amplifiers are designed with a compact chassis profile that enables the user to locate the unit closer to the preparation and thereby minimize long lead lengths which contribute to noise. Each amplifier is equipped with selectable high and low filters, and a position control to offset galvanic potentials which may develop during recording. A choice of models offer additional features that are useful for certain applications.

Current Generation:

Gated or manual current generation for histological marking, iontophoresis, or cell stimulation.

Remote active headstage:

DAM80, an AC amplifier only, features a very low noise headstage probe which can be mounted in micromanipulators for up-close cortical recording, for extracellular recording from high impedance glass or metal microelectrodes. Also provides a gated current for tissue marking. Microelectrode holder MEH3SB is recommended.


DAM series amplifiers can be used as standalone units on any tabletop, or use optional clamp-mounting hardware to locate them conveniently within the work area. Alternatively, a pair of amplifiers can be mounted into a standard equipment rack with a rack mount kit. A variety of hook up accessories are available to configure your application.