MultiClamp 700B Patch Clamp Amplifier
Molecular Devices


The MultiClamp 700B is useful for a wide variety of intracellular or extracellular recording, including:

  • High-speed Current Clamp (sharp-electrode or field potentials)
  • Patch Clamp (whole-cell, macro-patch or excised patch)
  • Voltammetry / Amperometry
  • Ion-selective measurement
  • Bilayer recording


  • Internal automatic mode switch
    Instantly switch recording modes by using the membrane potential as the trigger. Pre-set a voltage threshold in current-clamp mode, and MultiClamp 700B will automatically switch to voltage-clamp when the membrane potential reaches that voltage level. User-specified delay will allow you to perform creative new experiments.
  • Oscillation suppression
    Sudden changes in membrane or pipette parameters may result in undesirable oscillations during whole cell recording. MultiClamp 700B will detect current or voltage oscillations and automatically disable or intelligently reduce compensation settings to protect your cell from damage.
  • Slow current injection
    Slight voltage drift often due to changing electrode properties may contaminate an otherwise decent current-clamp recording. In order to maintain the membrane potential at a consistent level, MultiClamp 700B will automatically inject compensatory current over a user-defined time course.