Axoclamp 900A Voltage Clamp Amplifier
Molecular Devices


The Axoclamp 900A is a complete microelectrode current-clamp and voltage-clamp amplifier, useful for a wide range of intracellular microelectrode recording techniques. Like it's predecessor, the Axoclamp-2B, the Axoclamp 900A has a wide range of functionality and has many enhancements that improve amplifier recording capability, make the amplifier easier to use, and help your experiments last longer.


  • I-Clamp: two independent bridge amplifiers for voltage measurements
  • DCC: discontinuous current clamp for accurate voltage measurements, even when electrode resistance changes
  • TEVC: high-compliance two-electrode voltage clamp for oocytes and mammalian cells
  • dSEVC: discontinuous single-electrode voltage clamp for small cells with large currents
  • HVIC: high-voltage current clamp for extracellular applications such as iontophoresis