LPF-100/LPF-202A Low-pass Bessel Filters
Warner Instruments


4-Pole low pass Bessel filters with DC Amplifier Gains from 1 to 100. The LPF 100B and LPF-202A Filter / DC Amplifier signal conditioners are used to filter noise and boost signals to levels compatible with computers, chart recorders and tape recorders. Built with analog circuitry, these instruments exhibit very low noise and excellent stability.

The 4-pole low-pass Bessel filter frequencies are selected in six steps from 100Hz to 5kHz, and gains are selectable from 1 -100 in seven steps, in a 1, 2, 5 sequence. The full 10kHz bandwidth is also available. DC signals at the input can be nulled with the Input Offset control. If the gain is set too high for the signal being processed, an overload indicator will light.

Single and Dual Channel Models

The LPF-100B is a single channel bench top instrument and the LPF-202A is a dual-channel model packaged in a low profile rack mountable cabinet (hardware supplied). Both models have input shorting switches that are handy for quickly establishing a zero level at the input. The LPF-202A also has a digital meter for reading DC or average voltage levels. Both models are line powered and covered by a 2-year warranty.