Micromanipulator Units
Luigs & Neumann


Preassembled Units Covering Most Applications of Micromanipulation

The design of the adapters has been subject to constant improvements, with stability, ergonomics and functionality being the major focus. As a result, all adapters and manipulator axes feature earthing sockets, therefore minimizing the risk of electronic malfunctions. All manipulators are compatible with the entire LN product range and all their control units, allowing the upgrade of even the oldest of LN's setups.
Please find below the specifications of the most popular bundles.

Traverse Path X/Y/Z = 24mm
Motor Resolution 9.8nm
Reproducibility < 1µm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 110x110x131mm
Weight 1.2kg
Spindle Lead 0.5mm per rot.
Traverse Path 3 axes: X = 22mm, Y/Z = 16 mm
4 axes: X1/X2/Y/Z = 22mm
Motor Resolution 7.8nm
Reproducibility < 1µm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3 axes: 115x112x131mm
4 axes: 118x118x173mm
Weight 3 axes: 1.0kg 4 axes: 1.3kg
Spindle Lead 0.4mm per rot.
Traverse Path X/Y/Z = 25mm
Motor Resolution 9.8nm
Reproducibility < 1µm
Weight 2.2kg
Spindle Lead 0.5mm per rot.