VT1200 S Microtome


The Leica VT1200 S is a fully automated vibrating blade microtome for sectioning fixed or unfixed specimens from Neuropathology and Neurophysiology (Patch-clamping).

This robust instrument features the optional measurement device Vibrocheck and a new blade holder with adjustement screw to minimize the vertical deflection of the cutting tool below 1 µm to achieve sections of the highest quality that retain viable cells on the section surface/s.

This fully automated instrument is recommended for multi user laboratories where users who prefer semi-automated vibrating blade microtomes, and users who prefer fully automated instruments can work together.


  • Vertical deflection of cutting tool can be measured with an optional measurement device “Vibrocheck” and minimized below 1µm
  • Blade holder that can be rotated through 90° to permit safe insertion of a whole, unbroken razor blade
  • Optimized blade holder designed for minimum buffer spillage
  • Instrument can be used in both semi- or fully-automated sectioning modes depending on the user’s requirements
  • Automatic specimen feeding and retraction
  • Memory for 8 individual parameter settings
  • Motorized lateral blade holder with vibration (amplitude) adjustable between 0 - 3 mm in 0.05 mm steps
  • Fixed frequency (85 Hz +/- 5 Hz)
  • Motorized blade holder sectioning speed adjustable between 0.01 to 1.5 mm/sec
  • Selection of buffer trays – metal, plastics (autoclavable) and double walled