NVSL & NVSLM1 Vibroslicer


Model NVSL offers a manual advance for positioning the specimen holder and bath chamber. Sample positioning on Model NVSLM1 is motorized. Other features include independent, removable specimen holder and bath chamber, variable advance speed and hands-free operation via a footswitch. Vibroslice uses a vibrating blade to slice tissues without the trauma produced by other methods. Live brain or other tissues can be cut into slices 50- to 700-microns thick. Fixed tissues can be cut down to 20-micron slices (these need not be embedded or frozen). Particularly useful for improving the access for certain histological reagents (e.g., during processing for horseradish peroxidase). The blade has a lateral displacement of about 1mm, and its oscillating frequency may be varied between 60 and 4500rpm. This allows you to achieve clean cuts in tissues of different mechanical consistencies.