IntegraSlice Microtome


IntegraSlice is controlled using sealed Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with associated membrane keypad to set the cutting parameters of blade speed, advance speed and section thickness. There is a rotary brightness control for the cold light source. The IntegraSliceTM operation is commenced by actuating the two-stage footswitch. The first stage starts the oscillating blade and the second stage starts the advance of the blade.

The unprecedented quality of slice of IntegraSlice stems from its technical design features including cutting head mounted upon a parallel leaf-spring assuring blade travel along a line and arcuate path of the blade avoiding static contact of the blade with the advancing tissue. Sophisticated control allows the advance speed to be varied from minus 1.00mm/sec and up to 3.00mm/sec in steps of 0.01mm. During blade return the machine automatically lowers the tissue away from the blade and then readjusts to the original height once blade retraction has been completed. In all operations, even at the slowest rates, blade advance and blade speed is accurately maintained exactly as the user has specified due to constant feedback control. Slice thickness can be incremented in 1 micron steps and controlled to a maximum speed of 1 micron per second. IntegraSliceTM design combines accuracy, speed and the flexibility to remove the tissue bath and mounting for transport of the tissue, for cleaning and autoclaving. Integraslice is supplied with a standard tissue bath and holder, which can be replaced by the autoclavable version or the temperature controlled version.