Accurate Temperature Control, rapid Solution Switching and fast Washout

You can have rapid switching, fast wash-out, and accurate temperature control at the same time. Set the ThermoClamp temperature from ambient to 50 °C. A front-panel BNC provides an analog output of current temperature for recording. Different sizes of replaceable tips are interchangeable with our standard Perfusion Pencil. The tips have microliter dead volume for rapid switching. No messy water jacket is required, but the separate high-flow line is capable of heating a perfusion chamber with water jacket if desired.
Do you need to change your prep's temperature over the course of an experiment? A programmable "ramp and hold" feature can automatically vary the setpoint over time. The ThermoClamp system includes bath and Perfusion Pencil thermocouple sensors. Automatic overtemp and thermocouple failure protection alerts you to any problems. Incorporate temperature control into your perfusion rig with simple micromanipulator mounting.


  • Combination inline heater plus multi-channel focal drug delivery
  • Advanced auto-tuning temperature lock
  • Designed for physiology research
  • Easy to read or record
  • Ready to use

  • All AutoMate Scientific Perfusion Pencils (ThermoClamp, SmartSquirt® and regular Perfusion Pencils) are now available in a "Zero Dead Volume" configuration with all internal tubes extended 2 cm out of the tip. The "ZDV" Pencils do not use removable tips since all of the tubes go all the way to your prep. This eliminates the possibility of backflow and decreases solution switching times down to nearly zero.
  • Easy Luer-lock connections and manipulator mounting. Thermodynamic design maintains temperature with 5ml/minute flow from both tips without any metal tubing.
  • Separate chamber bath and Perfusion Pencil thermocouples included.
  • New dual-channel ThermoClamp-2 for simultaneous heating of Perfusion Pencil® inline heater and microscope stage.