Patchmaster Software

As successor of the PULSE program family, PATCHMASTER now offers additional features meeting the highest standards of modern electrophysiology. This new software, running on PC-based and Macintosh computers, harbors all comfortable functions of PULSE, but offers a variety of novel procedures aimed to make electrophysiological research even more versatile and efficient.

With PATCHMASTER experimental design, performance, and analysis become much more flexible giving rise to a high degree of automation and providing access to experimental protocols that were thus far unattainable with commercial software


  • Virtual front panel of the EPC 10 and EPC 9
  • Supports EPC 10 and EPC 9 Double/Triple amplifiers
  • All amplifier settings can be controlled by either mouse or keyboard
  • All other amplifiers (e.g. EPC 8, EPC 7) in combination with an ITC-18, ITC-16, or LIH 1600 interface are supported
  • Eight channel (A/D) acquisition
  • Three channels D/A (Trigger, auxiliary stimulation channels)
  • Organization of your experimental data (tree structure)
  • Automatic routines for leak and capacitive transient compensation
  • p/n Leak correction
  • Software Gaussian filter
  • Filters perform excellent signal conditioning
  • Customizable oscilloscope window
  • Integrated software pulse generator
  • Immediate analysis of the just acquired date
  • Online analysis of different parameters
  • Printout of oscilloscope and online analysis
  • Macro features
  • LockIn amplifier for capacitance measurements