SR-5R / SR-6R Stereotaxic Instruments (for Rats)


Stereotaxic Instrument for Rats

This new stereotaxic instrument in our successful SR series is designed specifically for rats, and features various special functions to fix the head more firmly. Smooth manipulation of clamping actions with one hand is made possible by the auxiliary ear bar, and the operator can check that the external auditory canal is fixed correctly by feeling with the fingertips. The mouth and nose fixing clamp is designed thin and small, to match the dimensions of a small rat's mouth, allowing easy confirmation of teeth fixation. In addition, the instrument allows easy back/forward and up/down position adjustment. An 18.7mm AP frame bar is provided, to which many different types of accessories can be attached besides the attached micromanipulator SM-15. The SR-5R has one AP frame bar, while the SR-6R has two.

Accessories SM-15 Stereotaxic Micromanipulator,
EB-4N Auxiliary Rat Ear Bar
Dimension, Weight SR-5R: W400 x D300 x H110mm, 8.75kg
SR-6R: W400 x D300 x H110mm, 9.2kg