The Model MO-96A is mounted on the skull of a medium-sized animal such as monkeys to perform chronic experiments. Its 15mm fine movement range permits deeper brain insertion of a microelectrode. The MO-96A allows a separately available guide tube to be fitted for precise positioning and insertion of a microelectrode into hard tissue or deep brain cells. Despite these added features, the drive unit has reduced its weight to lighten the burden on the animal.

Its remotely controlled oil hydraulic system permits vibration-free insertion of a microelectrode. With the detachable/attachable drive unit fixed on the skull mount chamber, even if the animal head moves, the microelectrode can be held in position. A transparent acrylic X-Y stage permits visual observation of the microelectrode insertion. By adjusting the positions of the gasket and the electrode holder, various types of microelectrodes can be used with the MO-96. The skull mount chamber can be filled with Ringer's solution to bring the functioning of the brain to a complete halt, which permits recording for prolonged periods of time.


Accessories included

Chamber (MO-903E)
Chamber Cap: 1 piece
Stainless Steel Tube (ø 0.7 × 60 mm): 10 pieces
Threaded Round Bar: 1 piece
Fixing Screw: 10 pieces
Spacer: 1 piece

Movement Range


Z 50 mm


Z 15 mm, Full Turn of Knob 500 µm, Minimum Graduation 2 µm


Control Unit

W 70 × D 115 × H 100 mm Approx. 1.15 kg

Drive Unit

W 63 × D 63 × H 112 mm Approx. 110 g