Narishige MO-95

Remote-controlled micromanipulator for chronic experiments

This oil hydraulic manipulator for chronic experiments is for attachment to the skulls of middle size animals, mainly monkeys. Employment of the oil hydraulic system enables microelectrodes to be inserted by remote control, without vibration. The chamber method is used, so that slight movements by the subject animal will not dislodge the microelectrode, while attachment/ detachment can be done freely. The acrylic XY stage makes it easy to position the microelectrodes with great accuracy while visually confirming their location. Microelectrodes ranging from 0.3 to 2 mm can be used, by adjusting the positions of the packing and the microelectrodes themselves. Since this model uses the microelectrode expose method, any kind of microelectrode can be used. When the chain bar is filled with Ringer's solution, brain activity stops and long time recording becomes possible.



Accessories included

Chamber, Cap, Stainless Pipe (O.D.0.7 x 60 mm), Threaded Bar, Fixing Screws

Movement range


Z 50 mm


Z 10 mm, Full rotation of knob 500 µm
Minimum graduation 2 µm


Control unit

W 70 x D 115 x H 100 mm, 1.15 kg

Drive unit

W 60 x D 60 x H 150 mm, 100 g