Precision Stereotaxic Instrument


WPI’s Precision Stereotaxic Instrument is built around the time-proven U-frame design concept, providing stability, and adaptability to most species. Precision alignment ensures accurate placement of electrodes, micropipettes, and other devices. It is ideal for researchers in need of a versatile, reliable instrument for stereotaxic procedures with small animals.

Versatility of Positioning
The manipulator arm controls medio-lateral and vertical positioning via lead screws with 80 mm of travel. This allows the fastest positioning possible, consistent with lining up the scales easily at a given coordinate. The anteroposterior movement is controlled via a dovetail slide movement, with 80 mm of travel possible in each direction. A universal joint allows the investigator to change the angle of the probe up to 90° in either the antero-posterior or medio-lateral planes. The locking mechanism will hold any angle position without drift or creep. It also provides an absolute lock at 90° vertical.

Easily Read Scales
All scales are oriented to be read easily from the open end of the “U”. This is the position from which most scientists prefer to work. The numerals on the scales are clear and easy to read. Precise alignment with facing vernier scales gives accurate resolution to 0.1 mm. Vernier scales can also be augmented with a digital LCD position readout similar to a digital Vernier caliper. This option extends the readable resolution to 10 microns.