IM-9C Microinjector


Pneumatic system brings maintenance-free operation.

This model features the same new mechanism as the IM-9B, offering smooth control by reducing fluctuations of the handle tension. As well as controlling a large volume of liquid, it can be operated pneumatically, avoiding maintenance issues like topping up the oil, re-filling or removing air bubbles. Mainly recommended for use in placing the cell holding side.

*Dedicated large size syringe incorporated.

Accessories included HI-7 Injection Holder x 1unit
Tube Connector (with Multipurpose Valve) x 1unit
CT-1 PTFE Tubing x 1m
Silicone Rubber Gasket (for HI-7) x 1pack (containing 5pieces)
O-Ring x 3pieces
Silicone Grease x 1unit
Movement range Plunger 53mm, Full rotation of knob approx. 6mm
Control capacity Total volumes 4240ul, Full rotation of knob approx. 480ul
Dimensions/Weight W136- 189 x D55 x H74mm, 0.64kg