PLI-100A Pico-Injector
Warner Instruments

wi pli-100

The PLI-100A picoinjector reliably delivers injections from femtoliters to nanoliters through micropipettes by applying a regulated pressure for a digitally set period of time.
  • Reliable; optically encoded circuit for setting injection time
  • Reproducible
  • Easy to use
  • Femtoliter to microliter injections
  • Digital readouts for injection count, time, and pressure
  • 5 pressures: inject, balance, clear, fill, and hold
  • Popular applications:
    - Injection of mouse, frog, zebrafish and other oocytes
    - Extracellular brain injections
    - Injection of DNA, mRNA, microbeads, neurotransmitters, kinases and other proteins

Whether you need to do large injections into capillaries or very small injections into mammalian nuclei, the PLI-100A is up to the task.

Pressure to the pipette is controlled precisely through a multi-turn regulator and is reported digitally for reproducibility. Injection time is set using an optically encoded circuit that permits both fine and coarse settings from a single control knob. System timing can be controlled in three ways: push button, foot switch, or external trigger.


The PLI-100A features three positive and two negative pressures.

The three positive functions allow the user to:

  • Inject - Inject picoliter to nanoliter amounts of fluids
  • Balance - Apply a balance pressure to prevent backflow into the micropipette following an injection
  • Clear - Clear a micropipette of material that is blocking the tip

The two negative (or vacuum) functions allow the user to:

  • Fill - Fill micropipettes from their tips
  • Hold - Provide a means to secure and manipulate a cell using holding pipette.

Unique Features
The PLI-100A features three positive and two negative pressures.

In addition to the injection pressure, the PLI-100A offers a secondary balance pressure. This adjustable control applies a positive pressure to the injection pipette both before and after an injection that eliminates dilution caused by capillary action and aids in the prevention of clogging. Wasteful continuous injections that can occur when no separate balance pressure is available is avoided.

The PLI-100A has two separate vacuum generators used to fill a micropipette and to hold suspended cells while injecting. Filling of the pipette from the tip is less complicated than back-filling. The PLI-100A features a Fill Vacuum adjustment on the front panel.

Suspended cells can be held in place using a second (holding) pipette. The holding vacuum range accommodates most cell types.

A high-pressure pulse can be used for clearing a pipette should it happen to clog. This is especially useful when working with pipettes sized for smaller volumes.

Electrical Connectors
BNC type connectors are available at the front panel to ease integrating the PLI with other equipment. Synchronization with or control from injections with a data acquisition system is possible.

Selection Guideline
The PLI-100A is available in three packages: Basic, Plus, and Deluxe:

The Basic unit is supplied with an input hose, output hose, holding hose, and input hose adapter.
The Plus unit also includes a foot switch, pipette holder, and input hose adapter.
The Deluxe unit includes all the accessories included with the Plus and an additional foot switch and pipette holder.

Input Gas Pressure 70 to 105 PSI (480 to 720 kPa)
Injection Pressure 0.2 to 60 PSI (413 kPa), regulated, multi-turn control
Balance Pressure 0.1 to 3.5 PSI (68.9 kPa) regulated, multiturn control, other ranges available on request
Fill Vacuum Internally produced, -12 PSI (-82 kPa), regulated
Holding Vacuum Internally produced 0 to 3 in H₂O (0 to 0.75 kPa or 0 to 0.1 PSI), regulated
Clearing Pressure Input gas pressure, unregulated
Injection Time Pulse Width 0.01 to 99.99 sec in 10 msec steps; 1 to 99 sec in 1 sec steps
Injection Count Display 0 to 9999 Injections
Duration Mode Internally timed or externally gated
Time Trigger Front panel, foot switch, or external TTL pulse (BNC)
Pressure Units PSI /kPa switch selectable
Pressure Monitor BNC connector, 10 mV/PSI
Pressure Readout Inject, balance, clear, output port
Line Voltage 100/110/220/240 VAC
Power Usage 220 W
Meter Accuracy 0.1% full scale
Foot Switches Inject, fill, hold, and gated; provided in plus and deluxe pkgs.
Weight 6.8 kg (15 lb)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 11 x 38 x 25.5 cm (5 x 15 x 10 in)
Accessories Supplied Input, output and holding hoses
Item Description
PLI-100A The PLI-100 Basic Pico Injector system comes with with an input hose, output hose, holding hose and input hose adapter.
PLI-100A Plus the PLI-100A Plus Pico Injector system comes with everything in the Basic system with the addition of one foot switch and a stainless steel pipette holder.
PLI-100A Deluxe The PLI-100A Deluxe Pico Injector system comes with everything in the Plus system with the addition of a second foot switch and a second stainless steel pipette holder with input hose.