TransferMan® NK 2 Micromanipulator


The Eppendorf TransferMan NK 2 micromanipulator combines simplicity and innovation in a user friendly system that satisfies even the most sophisticated user requirements.

With the precision proportional kinetics and menu-driven control, TransferMan NK 2 offers an intuitive operation, allowing the most complex micromanipulation techniques to be carried out rapidly, easily and precisely.

The image shows the NK-2 attached to an inverse microscope from Olympus. However, choosing the corresponding adaptors the NK-2 can be attached to microscopes from Zeiss, Leica and Nikon.


  • Integrated coarse and fine manipulator with proportional control via central joystick
  • Work range: 20 mm per axis
  • Automated axial injection movement
  • Programmable Z axis limit as defined injection level in order to avoid capillary breakage
  • Automated Home function for rapid capillary exchange
  • Adjustable injection speed
  • Adjustable injection angle for complex injection processes
  • Comfortable fine adjustment of work speed with positioning wheel
  • Storage of 3 independent work positions
  • Menue controlled programming via display
  • Save and download of user profiles
  • External control for automatic processes
  • Micromanipulation of suspension cells
  • ICSI
  • PGD
  • Nuclear transfer
  • ES cell transfer and DNA injection
  • Microdissection in combination with MicroDissector