Mercury Arc Lamps (HBO)


High-powered white light sources.

  • Generate many intense bands for fluorescence excitation across the UV-visible light spectrum fitting the absorption peaks of the most common dyes for optimal fluorescence excitation
  • Cover the entire visible spectrum
  • UV component is ideal for the excitation of dyes such as Fura, Indo, DAPI, Hoechst
  • Lifetime of 100 - 300 hours on average
Electrical Data
Nominal Wattage 50.00 W
Nominal Voltage 39 V
Lamp Wattage 50 W
Lamp Voltage 39...45 V
Photometrical Data
Luminance 30,000 cd/cm2
Luminous Intensity 230 cd
Dimensions & Weight
Diameter 10.0 mm
Mounting Length 47.0 mm
Avg. Lifetime 100 h
Electrical Data
Nominal Wattage 103.00 W
Lamp Wattage 100 W
Lamp Voltage 17...25 V
Photometrical Data
Nominal Luminous Flux 2,550 lm
Luminance 170,000 cd/cm2
Luminous Intensity 300 cd
Dimensions & Weight
Diameter 10.0 mm
Mounting Length 82.0 mm
Avg. Lifetime 300 h