Axio Examiner Fixed-Stage Uprigth Microscope
Carl Zeiss


Axio Examiner offers you exceptional flexibility in configuring your fixed-stage microscope from four upper bodys, two lower bodys and a large number of different components and motorization options to ideally meet your individual requirements. It is both efficient and economical. Beginning with a pure transmitted-light stand to the most demanding systems for Laser Scanning Microscopy. With Axio Examiner.A1 a cost-effective entry-level solution is at your disposal, optically designed to the standard objective parfocal length of 45 mm, with options for a manual or motorized lower body. Axio Examiner.D1 and Axio Examiner.Z1 microscope versions have the innovative reflector turret of Axio Examiner line and a special optical concept. This new optical design allows improved accessibility to the specimen area for multi-electrode monitoring. When selecting a lower body for Axio Examiner.D1 you can again select between a manual or a motorized version. High-end Axio Examiner.Z1 microscope comprises a special upper body with side port coupling in the infinity space. The lower body of this version is always motorized.