Motorised fixed stage microscope

The BX61WI is the motorised version of the BX51WI fixed-stage microscope with a highly accurate Z-drive. It is the ideal tool for all automated physiological experiments, such as patch clamping and intravital microscopy. The fixed-stage concept and vibration-free frame design ensure excellent stability throughout the experiment. The use of infrared light protects living cells and offers high penetration depths of thick tissue slices, while high NA optics allow magnification changes without moving the objective.


  • Vibration free design
  • Swing and swing/slide nosepieces
  • Infrared contrast and fluorescence imaging
  • Modular motorization - Motorised modules include a fluorescence condenser with integrated shutter, filterwheels for illumination and observation light paths and stages; a remote focus control is available with programmable keys and Z-drive switch off function, avoiding electronic noise in measurements

Optical system UIS2 optical system
Focus Motorized focusing using stepping motor and ball screw
Nosepiece focus by cross roller guide
Minimum graduation; fine: 1 µm (sensitivity 1 µm) resolution: 0.01 µm, maximum stage movement speed: 3 mm/s
Stroke per rotation; fine: 0.1 mm coarse: 1 mm
Stroke: 25 mm, stage escape mechanism
Illuminator Built-in Koehler illumination for transmitted light (F.N. 22)
12 V 100 W long life halogen bulb (pre-centered) (average lifetime: approximately 2,000 hours)
Light adjustment: less than DC2 V g 12 V (continuous adjustment)
Brightness adjustment, light preset switch
Nosepiece Swing nosepiece with slot for DIC prism
Slide nosepiece
Single position nosepiece with slot for DIC prism
Swing-slide nosepiece with slot for DIC prism
Observation tube Trinocular, F.N.: 22, inclination angle: 30°, interpupillary distance: 50 mm - 76 mm
Erect image trinocular, F.N.: 22, inclination angle: 30°, interpupillary distance: 50 mm - 76 mm
WI-DPMC Double port magnification change unit, F.N.: 22, inclination angle: 24°, interpupillary distance: 50 mm - 76 mm
Condenser Universal condenser, N.A.: 0.8, W.D.: 5.7 mm, with variable A.S. mechanism, turret: 4-position, four DIC prisms attachable
DIC condenser, one DIC prism attachable
Oblique condenser, built-in variable oblique illumination stop
Fluorescence Illuminator Manual reflected fluorescence, 6-position mirror turret unit, manual shutter
Motorized reflected fluorescence, 6-position mirror turret unit, motorized shutter changeover speed: shutter speed: 0.1 s
Controller Serial interface RS232C, built-in transmitted/reflected halogen power supply
Operating environment Indoor use
Ambient temperature: 5º to 40º C (41º to 104º F)
Maximum relative humidity: 80% for temperatures up to 31º C (88º F), decreasing linearly through 70% at 34º C (93º F), 60% at 37º C (99º F), to 50% relative humidity at 40º C (104º F)
Supply voltage fluctuations: Not to exceed ±10% of the normal voltage