Clinical & Lab Microscope Platform

The Elite version of Motic’s established BA410 flagship model displays the highest level of optical performance.
A complete set of Plan Apochromatic lenses is now available for maximum demands in colour reproduction and resolution. The BA410E allows a profound diagnosis in pathology, haematology and cytology with their requirements for best colour fidelity. Increased Numerical Apertures provide an expanded resolution power for a more detailed specimen evaluation.
The AUTO ON-OFF function with its energy-saving aspect improves lab safety: a final instrument check before closing time is no longer necessary. A light memory function, based on a coded 6-fold nosepiece, memorizes the light intensity of each nosepiece position. When changing to a specific objective, the last illumination setup of this position is recalled. Once coordinated, there is no need to adjust the illumination when changing magnification. For increased illumination power, a 100W Halogen version is available.
The rackless stage concept is now adopted in this flagship model. A ceramic stage insert for highest abrasion resistance guarantees a perfectly flat placing of the glass slide for a lifetime.


  • Optional Plan Apochromatic lenses
  • AUTO ON-OFF function
  • Light memory function, coded 6-fold nosepiece
  • Ceramic stage insert

Optical System Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System (CCIS®)
Interpupillary distance 50-75mm
Inclination 30° inclined, 360° rotating
Eyepieces N-WF10X/22mm with diopter adjustment, +/- 5 diopter
Nosepiece Reversed sextuple revolving nosepiece
Objective classification Infinity Corrected CCIS EC-H Plan Achromat, DIN
Objectives 4X/0.10 (WD 15.9mm), 10X/0.25 (WD 17.4mm), 40X/0.65/S (WD 0.5mm), 100X/1.25/S-Oil (WD 0.15mm)
Objective mounting thread W 4/5" x 1/36" (RMS standard)
Stage Rackless low position coaxial mechanical stage with sample holder, ceramic insert
Stage size 180x170mm
Mechanical stage X/Y range 80x55mm
Upper limit stop Upper limit stop preset but adjustable
Condenser Swing-out Abbe Condenser N.A. 0.90 with iris diaphragm
Focus mechanism Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system with tension adjustment
Fine Focus precision 1 µm minimum increment
Z-axis movement 27mm
Filter holder On top of the illuminator with fixing cap
Illumination Externally mounted lamphouse, 12V/50W(100W) Quartz Halogen Koehler illumination with intensity control
Light features Auto-OFF and Light Memory function
Power supply 100-240V (CE)
Accessories included Blue filter, immersion oil 5ml, arm rest, power cord, dust cover, allen key and spare fuse
Dimensions 550x242x435mm
Weight 14.2kg