Rapp OptoElectronic


Point Illumination System for Photomanipulation

The UGA-40 system offers precise, fast moveable and easily programmable point illumination, integrating galvanometer scanner technology with the use of lasers as light sources. The system consists of an optical module, a microcontroller unit, a camera or DVI frame grabber and a computer with scanner control software. The lasers are application specific and can be ordered separately. In addition to point illumination, regions of interest (ROI) can be designed and scanned. Real-time illumination at desired locations is possible in the "click and fire" mode.


  • programmable, computer controlled illumination of points and ROIs
  • spot size dependent on the microscope model, objective magnification and optical fiber diameter
  • real-time photomanipulation via the “click and fire” mode
  • sequential illumination of points and/or ROI with user defined positions and temporal settings
  • switching time between any two positions in the field of view: < 1ms
  • simultaneous point/ROI illumination and imaging data acquisition
  • TTL synchronization of sequences or sequence elements with other equipment
  • analog control of laser intensity (when used with lasers provided by Rapp OptoElectronic)
  • Cameras supported by the Rapp OptoElectronic software: Hamamatsu Orca series, Zeiss AxioCam MRM, Photometrics CoolSnap HQ, Jenoptik ProGres MF, µEye industrial USB camera
  • light sources: solid state UV, VIS and near-IR lasers

  • Add-on module, can be integrated into existing set-ups
  • Switching time between any two spot locations < 1ms
  • Scanning speed within an ROI up to 5kHz
  • Spot size as low as submicron, depending on microscope, objective and light guide aperture
  • Wide variety of UV, VIS and NIR lasers available (266 to 1535 nm)
  • Up to four lasers per system
  • Switching time between two laser lines: < 1ms
  • Laser coupling to the system: direct or via light guide
  • Can be combined with wide field fluorescence, LSM and spinning disc confocal, etc.
  • Modules available for most modern research microscope brands and models
  • UGA-40 software runs in parallel with and independent of any other imaging or electrophysiology software
  • Simultaneous and independent spot illumination and imaging data acquisition
  • "Click & Fire" mode for real time spot illumination
  • Programmable illumination (sequences) of multiple locations and/or regions of interests (ROIs)
  • ROI geometries include: lines, circles, polygons, free-hand drawn shapes
  • Grid stimulation with sequential or random illumination of grid points
  • TTL-in and -out
  • Manual or TTL-triggered sequence start
  • TTL-triggered events within the sequence
  • Able to run up to two lasers within the same experiment