Rapp OptoElectronic


Fixed Spot Illumination Device

The AiWon is a fixed spot illumination device designed for applications which require neither rapid switching nor simultaneous illumination of different regions.
The AiWon module provides the optical and mechanical components to couple the light source to the microscope and produce the desired spot size. The module is inserted into the fluorescence path without the modification of the microscope. Suitable light sources are lasers, LEDs or flash lamps, depending on the experimental requirements (wavelength, power density, spot size).
Typically, the light source is coupled to the module via an optical fiber or liquid light guide, but certain applications, like ablation, cutting, DNA damage, may require direct coupling.


  • Spot position fixed in the middle of the field of view
  • Spot size from submicron to a few dozen microns, depending on the objective and the type of light source connection
  • Suitable light sources: lasers, LEDs, Lumencor Spectra Light Engines®, flash lamps
  • Easy installation
  • Available for most brands and models of modern research microscope