Micro-g® Lab Tables


High Performance Vibration Isolation Laboratory Tables

TMC’s Micro-g® tables provide superior vibration control for loads up to 350 pounds (160 kg). With a ferromagnetic stainless steel working surface, this modular vibration isolation table system is recommended for use in such diverse applications as electrophysiology, cell injection, ultramicrotomy, photomicroscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and confocal laser scanning microscopy. The key element in the 63-500 Series Micro-g® lab table and many other TMC vibration isolation tables is the Gimbal Piston™ Air Isolator. These passive pneumatic air isolators achieve outstanding vertical and horizontal vibration isolation down to very low frequencies and input levels. The Gimbal Piston™ can also stabilize isolated systems with relatively high centers of mass without compromising vibration isolation.

Table tops can be individually chosen:

  • CleanTop II: features a drilled and tapped mounting hole array (M6 holes on 25 mm spacing); flatness of ± 0.13 mm
  • Stainless Steel Laminate: for applications that require a strong magnetic attachment; flatness of ± 0.8 mm
  • Plastic Laminate on Stainless Steel: an easy-to-clean alternative to stainless steel, without sacrificing structural performance

We offer three preferred sizes of table tops with shorter delivery and at a lower price (other prizes on request):

  1. 900 x 750
  2. 1200 x 750
  3. 1200 x 900
(W x D in mm). Please specify when ordering.

specs_micro-g dimensions_micro-g
Compressor silent / oil lubricated production of compressed air (if no house lateral exists)
Type II Faraday Cage incorporates a stainless steel frame and copper-mesh material; includes a convenient 2 in. diameter hole in the base of the side and rear panels
Cover Board made of stainless steel, mounted at TMC support bars; the board covers the whole table top, an opening fitted to the microscope used is cut out (most common models of Leica and Zeiss are supported, other stands on request)
Front Support Bar adjustable steel rail mount for front legs
Rear Support Bar adjustable rail mount for rear legs
Casters set of four retractable casters with a total weight capacity of 1,000 lb (450 kg
Armrests & Sliding Shelves sliding shelves must be used in conjunction with a front support bar and a rear support bar that are fastened to the table legs
Armrest Pads adjustable leather forearm rest which fasten to the front support bar
Sliding Shelf made of wood with white plastic laminate covering all sides
Subshelf a shelf mounted beneath the isolated table top
Fixed Full-Perimeter Enclosure a fixed, welded-steel structure that completely surrounds the table top to provide non-isolated support for Faraday cages, or other special fixtures; it cannot be used with sliding shelves or support bars
Precision Height Control Valves To minimize bottled air supply usage, standard TMC height control valves have a small “dead band,” resulting in a height return accuracy of ±0.05 in. (±1.3 mm). Precision valves control height to within ±0.005 in. (±0.13 mm) but have a slight, constant leak.
Cover Board with Cut-Out for Microscope Stand img_micro-g
Complete Rig for Microinjections on Micro-g® Lab Table with cover board img_micro-g